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Recent Dive Pictures
Les Davis - September 6, 2009

Sea Tiger - September 17, 2009

The Pipe - September 17, 2009

San Pedro - September 18, 2009

Kaiser Reef - September 18, 2009

Race History
Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon
August 1, 2009
2:42:49 (2:42:28)

Seafair Torchlight Run 8k
July 25, 2009

Inaugural Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon
June 27, 2009
2:39:41 (2:08:44)

Sound To Narrows 12k
June 13, 2009
1:11:19 (1:10:33)

Furry 5k
June 7, 2009
28:25 (27:28)

Tacoma City Half Marathon
May 3, 2009
2:05:52 (2:05:15)

The 12ks Of Christmas
December 14, 2008

Seattle Half Marathon
November 30, 2008
2:28:59 (2:25:52)

Winter Pineapple Classic 5k
November 16, 2008

Bank To Bay 10k
September 7, 2008
54:15 (53:47)

Furry 5k
June 8, 2008
32:51:9 (32:53:7)

Tacoma City Marathon
May 10, 2008
5:21:13 (5:19:58)

St. Patrick's Day Dash
March 16, 2008
30:31 (30:31)

Hood to Coast Relay
August 24-25, 2007
Leg 3 - 3.93 Miles - 34:43
Leg 15 - 7.25 Miles - 1:16:21
Leg 27 - 5.98 Miles - 1:03:28

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Run
July 15, 2007

Furry 5k
June 10, 2007

Capital City Half Marathon
May 20, 2007
2:22:21 (2:21:30)

St. Patrick's Day Dash
March 11, 2007
30:31 (30:34)

The 12ks Of Christmas
December 17, 2006
1:11:24 (1:10:41)

Jingle Bell Run 5k
December 10, 2006

Winter Pineapple Classic 5k
November 11, 2006

Bank To Bay 10k
September 10, 2006
56:26 (55:32)

Seafair Torchlight Run 8k
July 29, 2006

Furry 5k
June 11, 2006
30:22 (29:29)

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Hard to believe that this fat kid can run over 5 miles nonstop. But it happened.

2018: Day Ninety-Seven

I realized this morning that I didn’t do a Day Ninety-Six. Fail.

Still not sure how it happened, but I collect Starbucks Mugs.

I used to have a list on FB but since I deactivated that page, I wasn’t able to have a list to refer to. So today I built a special page on my website to serve as a reference, and to show off a little.


A fun little eBay purchase arrived.

2018: Day Ninety-Five

Took a slightly different trail today - it wasn’t what I was expecting. So I went on an old route and paid attention to the flowers.

As much as I enjoy winter (bring on the rain!) but spring is fun too.


2018: Day Ninety-Four

A couple of weekends ago marked the 20th anniversary of my moving to Washington. Well, technically, back to Washington since I had lived here as a kid.

That got me thinking. I moved here for a job and knew no one here. I didn’t have much, but I did have Grocible.

So I’ve been thinking about him. How it was just him and me for awhile.

I still miss this dusty old man cat.


2018: Day Ninety-Three

Not a good gym day.

After taking two days off, I hit ye olde treadmill again and only managed two miles before I gave up.

Everything hurts and nothing felt right. See how tomorrow goes. Now for pushups.


Watson wanted in on some of the photo action

Sometimes you just need to streeeeeetch and your cat bed has the wrong dimensions.

Oh Ninkasi

2018: Day Ninety-Two

On my walk today, I came across some chairs that reminded me of Easter eggs.

I also saw a yard covered with Easter egg lights but didn’t get a picture of those.

And did you know that there’s a ranger station here? Seems like an odd location for a ranger station ...



2018: Day Ninety-One

Easter was never a holiday I ever celebrated. It’s just not one that I ever got behind. I do remember in a previous life, hiding Egg Day prizes, but I think we only did that because we didn’t know what else to do with the day.

Today I slept in - even skipped my morning run (which has now backfired because the gym was closed as I was heading there, and now for the first time since 1/15, I didn’t get my 10,000 steps. I had a good run ...) and then we headed out for some family time. I managed to only eat half a deviled egg.

Breakfast foods were had for dinner.


These are the worst deviled eggs ever.

2018: Day Ninety

Saturdays have become my long run days. I think they used to be way back when too ...

This morning I set out for six miles, but was feeling good so I decided to go longer. Finished at 8.26 - my longest run yet - and maintained an average pace of 11:01/mile.

I’m VERY happy about this run! Definitely a confidence booster.


2018: Day Eighty-Nine

Did the full wooded loop today. I really enjoy these woods and hope that I’ll get out and hike once the weather is better (or at least reliable.)

The sun decided to come out and say hi which then of course made my head glisten.

Then I came home and did a short 3.25 mile run.




Tonight’s run was feeling very KICK ASS and then I either hit the emergency stop or it fell off. Either way, I came up a little short on my hour mark.

The day off yesterday was well deserved.

I’m read for Saturday’s long run.

Wonder if I can do 8 miles again ...

2018: Day Eighty-Eight

🎶Turn left at California
Then you cross that borderline🎶

Looking west today and it made me long for the ocean or for a trip somewhere.

Bonus thought - new Starbucks mugs! 49 more states to go ...



2018: Day Eighty-Seven

My feet were hurting on my lunch walk, plus I’ve ran five days in a row, so tonight is an easy stay at home night.

Based on K’s urging, I took a walk around the property to investigate the woodpecker evidence.

Right now we have two males who constantly peck on the chimney cap or the aluminum porch cover, which creates one hell of a racket!

But they obviously enjoy the trees as well.


2018: Day Eighty-Six

Sure have missed my lunch time walks. Even if it’s grey outside, it still brightens.


2018: Day Eighty-Five

Kind of a cop out today - but this evening’s run went really well - especially compared to the last few days’ run. I did have to stop at the 40 minute mark for a restroom break though.

Tomorrow should be a milestone run too!


2018: Day Eighty-Four

Running (3.25 miles)
Platelet donation (a triple)
A beer (okay, three)
A chapbook (finally!)
Dinner (so deserved!)


2018: Day Eighty-Three

Been a lazy day which is a nice change of pace. Enjoying my newest book - the latest from Robert McCammon.


2018: Day Eighty-Two

First run in almost a week - and it sure felt like it.

In better news - while I was away, all of my replacement Bluetooth earbuds arrived! I can now run wirelessly again! Yay!



2018: Day Eighty-One



2018: Day Eighty

Last day of my work trip. On one hand I’m excited to be done with Vegas. And on the other hand I’m a little sad the trip is over. These work trips are so exhausting for me.

Since tonight was the last night, I went and did a few more things. Some more tasty beers, more ice cream (!) finally took a picture of that cool sculpture. Even got a picture of the “famous” Bow Tie Adam. I wonder if he would be mad if I knew I called him that?


2018: Day Seventy-Nine

Admittedly it’s not as much work as I always think it is, but it does take time. Plus it always seems to be easier to do not at home.

Decided to take a nice fresh razor and shave all of my hair off this afternoon. It’s a weird feeling - especially when I go and rub my head and forgot I shaved the hair off. Whoops.


These work conferences are a literal nightmare for me.

There’s so many people and I know no one. It’s nearly impossible to find a place to sit at lunch.

And now I’m at some party thing. Again I know no one and it feels like I’m being punked because I was invited.

But I got to use the VIP interest because I had a special pin. Yay?

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