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Recent Dive Pictures
Les Davis - September 6, 2009

Sea Tiger - September 17, 2009

The Pipe - September 17, 2009

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Race History
Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon
August 1, 2009
2:42:49 (2:42:28)

Seafair Torchlight Run 8k
July 25, 2009

Inaugural Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon
June 27, 2009
2:39:41 (2:08:44)

Sound To Narrows 12k
June 13, 2009
1:11:19 (1:10:33)

Furry 5k
June 7, 2009
28:25 (27:28)

Tacoma City Half Marathon
May 3, 2009
2:05:52 (2:05:15)

The 12ks Of Christmas
December 14, 2008

Seattle Half Marathon
November 30, 2008
2:28:59 (2:25:52)

Winter Pineapple Classic 5k
November 16, 2008

Bank To Bay 10k
September 7, 2008
54:15 (53:47)

Furry 5k
June 8, 2008
32:51:9 (32:53:7)

Tacoma City Marathon
May 10, 2008
5:21:13 (5:19:58)

St. Patrick's Day Dash
March 16, 2008
30:31 (30:31)

Hood to Coast Relay
August 24-25, 2007
Leg 3 - 3.93 Miles - 34:43
Leg 15 - 7.25 Miles - 1:16:21
Leg 27 - 5.98 Miles - 1:03:28

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Run
July 15, 2007

Furry 5k
June 10, 2007

Capital City Half Marathon
May 20, 2007
2:22:21 (2:21:30)

St. Patrick's Day Dash
March 11, 2007
30:31 (30:34)

The 12ks Of Christmas
December 17, 2006
1:11:24 (1:10:41)

Jingle Bell Run 5k
December 10, 2006

Winter Pineapple Classic 5k
November 11, 2006

Bank To Bay 10k
September 10, 2006
56:26 (55:32)

Seafair Torchlight Run 8k
July 29, 2006

Furry 5k
June 11, 2006
30:22 (29:29)

ScubaJason [userpic]
Not just an option, failure is the only option

And today the word came down from the little man upstairs - our department must show signs of improvement in the next seven days or . . .

Well, he never said what "or" was.

Actually, he never even defined what "signs of improvement" is either.

So what exactly does that mean?

We are to somehow magically show signs that we are improving, without any goal in mind, to pretty much not only save our manager's job, but quite possibly our jobs as well.

The phrase that has been talked about for most of the year is outsource. Yeah, in banking, our VP keeps talking out outsourcing certain functions. Our consumer side is being centralized which in effect takes away most of our branch personnel's incentive pay and rolls it all into a very small group of maybe six people. I'm fairly certain that when this officially goes into affect, more people will leave. We've already lost close to 15% of our entire workforce this year. Think about this way - today someone resigned and he was hired in July. And two people who were hired at the end of August have already resigned.

Is this a case of the wrong people being hired, or people who are smart enough to realize that this ship is sinking?

That reminds me of Weyerhaueser and when they renamed their lumber to iLevel. Not sure what that name meant, but someone told me it went this way:

Don't worry about the sinking ship until the water is at iLevel.

That's corporate comedy right there!

So what does this mean to me?

I'm going to keep plugging away at what I'm doing, knowing that I'm not expendable even though I should be (I'm the only person who in the entire organization that understands our Loan Origination System,) but our VP (the little man upstairs) has a hardon for getting rid of it, even though we are in the middle of a long term contract.

All of these little WTF pieces of information are starting to make a whole lot more sense when you start adding them up together. The picture is becoming very clear.

We are doomed. Set up for failure.

At the very least, all of this work I've been doing will either make me the most amazing employee we've ever seen, or look amazing on my resume.